.in between baritone and alto

I just realized that my life is pretty much the same every day.

No spice. Does not kick.


So I started today with a rare breakfast. A big portion of blue rice and oversized deep fried chicken with pungent gravy. Now my tummy is rumbling Katrina. But it does give some differences in perspective. They say, change a bit of your life, and you are reborn – or something similar – and yes, my pretty much the same life now discrete. I come to believe that everyday has a flavour. It is just that some days are less impressed than the others.

I remember about last month I talked to a few current generation undergraduates while waiting for my laundry. They were playing word games. And it comes to the letter B for places. One of them said, “Berlin” and the other argued, “That is not a place.”

So I interrupted, “It’s in Germany, where is there the Berlin Wall, the wall which divided Berlin for almost 30 years with some ugly history associated with it.”

One of them asked, “Why would you know about things like that?”

She asked me “Why.”

Not “how”, far from “what”.


What happened to our future generation?


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