.Will you please wish us happiness forever

I was deep into my thoughts when this song was on aired. It traveled me to 1950s in reference to Forest Gump, October Sky, and Jersey Boys. Until I realized that I had never lived that era.

It snapped, and brought me back to now.

There is a weird feeling of having sitting for a desk job, eight to five that I cannot get a hold of it. It is some sort of stress but happiness because you keep yourself busy and it comes out productive. Sometimes it is like loneliness but chaotic and you wish your gang of onions would be there during lunch time – but there is no lunch time. There are only breaks, and you are broken because you never get the satisfaction of having cendol when the sun burns your cheeks blushed.

At this point; everything seems pointless and makes me feel I am no good at any thing.

I wear the same pieces everyday.

I talk less because there is not much things to say.

Two pairs of shoes given by the company are my current best temporary possessions. (In other words, I need a new pair but it seems… bluerrgh)

I am usually offline, more like an internet detoxification.

My eyes avoid social interactions online, even at home.

I value teh tarik so much than ever.

I have nothing I really want except a bitch beach-happy vacation.

In overall, yeah I need to pick myself up. Slimming off a bit, put positive figures on my account statement, entitled to a half million life insurance, eat happy, sleep deeper.

I could not believe that I skipped the whole 2018. It is like the year had been invisible.

Hell, yeah. Let us begin with the 2019 target achievement list (yes, after two weeks exactly!);

    A book a week for Q and T weekly reading.
    10kg lighter.
    RM10k richer.
    Revised insurance policy for kids and husband.
    Kitchen cabinet.
    Creative business up and running.

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