In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Benevolent.
i thank You.



Current obsessions: Aquarelle, donuts, photosensitive film, and Prof. Brian Cox.
Current fear: midnight storm.




Dear all,

Time bends. Breaks and changes us into something we had never guessed.
And life is full of surprises; those that flew us up high, and others that drowned us cold.
And till the death do us part, we would always survived.

O dream-maker is the coalition of such bends the time had to offer.
It is inspired after several argument over my own thoughts on how to better articulate an irritable petulant feeling and cowers without putting a scratch on my car.
I did stop writing conveying that i have too much words, so i better speak.
But i lost track of every punctuation, or any hyphenation; the orthography as a whole.
And i met someone, and through our abstruse conversations, there were dashes and slashes provoking a regression of my all-time craze, the authorship.
The only element within me that had never be bent over time.

I am a ravenous reader, and Joni Mitchel’s are my type of last course. And my same-as-last-year new year’s wish is yet formless. Oh I could not believe that I actually skipped 2018.


Signed and sealed,
Amirah S.


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